Melbourne To Sydney

My time in Melbourne has been utterly sensational. Friends have become like family and helped to create some of the finest memories one could have wished for. But like they say, all good things come to an end and although I’m sad to leave, I’m over the moon with what life’s itinerary has laid out for me. I doubt it’ll be the last time I step foot in Melbourne, but I know I certainly won’t be back for a while. As much as I absolutely loved my time spent there and the suburb I lived in for it’s vibrant funk and care free souls that bless the streets of the Carlton.
The city has taken it’s toll on me once again and it’s time to escape the cooperate invasion of advertisement, mass media,  wealth and greed I’ve been cooped up in for the past 6 months. It’s time to live again.

With no real plan just a general direction of north we left the city and headed for Yarra Ranges National Park. We ascended through the national park traversing the winding roads surrounded by dense green forestry with shrubbery and ferns at the base of the tall redwood trees creating harmonious base layers that feed the ecosystem.


One second we were singing along blissfully, the next we turned the corner to see snow on the ground! It’s been years since I last saw some snow, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to bump into any on my way up north, turns out I was wrong!
We weren’t far from our destination so we decided to contain our excitement for a few more minutes, and I’m glad we did. As we parked up to Lake Mountain I checked the altitude on my watch, we were 1400 metres above sea level. We jumped out the stuffy car grabbing our jackets and inhaling a deep breathe of the finest, freshest air the earth has to offer. I’ve never seen snow gum woodlands before, the bare naked look to the trees gave the Victorian alps a very free but lonely feeling. The views were absolutely incredible and it was rather great to throw some snowballs again!



After a spot of lunch we headed for a free campsite (The Walnut) located in Alpine National Park. Within minutes of arrival we had the tent pitched, a glass of wine and dinner on the go. All of which was accompanied by a well needed campfire.

The following morning I uncracked the frozen tent door, ran around the campsite and stuck my hands behind the exhaust pipe of the car to defrost myself before making some breakfast. Cold was a bitter understatement!

Time for some hiking! Yey! Blue Mountains were on the cards next and something I’d been really looking forward to. The rain held off for a few days and we managed to get onto some walking tracks. The blue haze within the mountains is formed from the eucalyptus oil in the trees. Initially hearing about the blue haze I was a little skeptical about it, but the amazing thing with me travels is I am fortunate enough to check it out for myself!
Right before me stood ginormous canyons filled with luscious green forest as far as the eye can see. All of which appeares to be highlighted with a blue mist. Each walk takes you scurrying through canyons to different viewpoints, all giving their own personal perspective to the mountains, unlocking hidden gems that may be obstructed from the latter.




After several days of good hiking conditions the weather started to turn. Fortunately we had had our fair share of nights hugging the bottle, smoking and dancing round the fire and decided to be grateful for what we’d achieved. Sydney was the next destination.

On the way I decided to hit up a few friends I’d met on my travels, which still amazes me to this day that little ol’ me has friends all over the world. The fact that I can rock up to a city on the other side of the world and still know people. Fuck yeah!

I met up with a few homies that I worked with on a banana farm in northern queensland last year, we had a good ching wag reminiscing about the good times we had together, swapping stories of our recent travel trips and discussing our future travel plans.

After a well needed kip in a bed it was time to get productive. We headed to Bondi Beach to start the Bondi to Bronte Beach coastal walk. A walk that reminded me of a traditional British trip to the seaside. Wet and windy! Having said that, coastlines can often be very scenic with a bit of a storm rolling through. It’s nice to show that not all the glitter is gold!



Last time I came to Sydney I didn’t make it out of Bondi, and yet again I probably wouldn’t of made it unless my beautiful friend Brianna didn’t invite me to a drag night out in town! How could I say no to that?! Vegan hotdogs and a drag show… Count me in! And what a night it was! I witnessed a lovely lady pull a whole sushi roll from her private bits, unwrap the cling film and munch away at it! To be fair to her, she did share it with one lucky lad from the crowd. Who seemed best pleased with himself that he was eating what he was eating!

The following day I caught the public transport back to the hostel where my friends were staying. The deli outside filled my nostrils with delightfulness and lured me inside for a spot of breakfast. Feeling worse for ware I sat and waited for my pals to come and take the piss out of me, fortunately for me, they were in the same boat, so we struggled through our breakfasts together.

With full stomachs we jumped in the motor and continued our journey north. We are expecting a change scenery from 9th – 16th so stay tuned!

2nd June – 9th June locations:
Yarra Ranges National Park – free camping
Lake Mountain
Alpine National Park – free camping (The Walnut)
Blue Mountains National Park – free camping (Blackheath Glen, The old ford)
Sydney / Bondi (YHA backpacker hostel)
M Deli Cafe outside YHA backpacker is highly recommended, they do have some vegan options also!

Thank you for reading 🙂




Grampians National Park

A few weeks ago I escaped the city for a weekend in the bush, the bush we chose to go to was Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. I’ve been meaning to go to the Grampians for a while now, and although I been very close It wasn’t for a hike, but instead for festivals (which you can read about here & here).

We decided to camp in the north side at ‘Plantation Campground’ which I would highly recommend if you are stopping by. The camp has a running tap, compost loo’s, several fire pits with plenty of level green grass to set up on! No obstructions from above provide the perfect place to sit in awe at the southern hemispheres beautiful star lit sky while keeping toasty around a nice warm fire.

Sunday was spent taking it easy choosing to walk via McKenzie Falls, basking in the luscious smells of green forestry, and feeling the crunch of the gravel under our boots. The sun was often popping out to say hello and with that new found warmth we’d set ourselves at a good viewpoint, enjoy a fruit snack and light up a big joint.

The next morning we followed the Wonderland Loop (9.6 km circuit) starting from Halls gap and ending up at the Pinnacle. The walk can be done in half a day and provides an abundance of great views along the way. I think it took us about 4 hours which goes to show just how many times you can stop, enjoy the view and set off again. I was really impressed with the trail, it kept chopping and changing from winding gravel paths to steep gradient hopping stones. There were trees to climb over and some small waterfalls to scale, on or off the beaten path we were having lots of fun.

Anywhoo, enough of the chit chat. Enjoy some pictures!

Pinnacle viewpoint

Perfect spot to light one up

Desert Banksia

McKenzie falls

Expressions Finest

Often I open up my word doc and crack on, unbeknown to what I’m even going to write about. This shit comes straight from the heart, and can more often than not be perceived in the wrong way. Cognitive dissonance. A feeling of being somewhat stuck in the middle, indecisive, contradicted by two views or philosophies, a feeling that has become my shadow.

Certain subjects I speak out loud with such enthusiasm, such passion, subjects which I would like to relay to you, subjects which out loud I can speak with such proficiency and certainty. Subjects of controversial matter, topics which could split and divide most unions. Ideas that turn heads when mentioned. These conversations are the everyday for me, as I am one of the many millions of people on this beautiful lifeform we call Earth who has expanded their consciousness, who has experienced “out of this world” experiences, someone who has talked to people from all walks of life. I am an Indigo Child, and this is my opinion;

From a very early age I cottoned on to the fact that there was more to life than the system designed for us. I was to put it bluntly “a little shit” in school. We live in a system of hierarchy, it’s everywhere, in school there was a hierarchy between the kids, let alone the teachers. And trust me, because fucking around, being good at sports and shouting shit out in class was cool as fuck. I quickly climbed my way to the top of that kids-hierarchy. What I didn’t climb was my way to was a good education, or what is considered a “good education”. Looking at it now, if you were to ask me whether I would go back and change it? My answer would be fuck no, but I’ll get to that later.

In school they taught me about the relief the world felt when the devastation from wars leading up to 1945 was finally over, there were no more bombings, no more young men and women being drafted off to produce shells in factories or be on the receiving end of the shells. People felt free, our grandparents, felt free. With that new found freedom they acquired themselves a lovely spouse, a steady job and created a family of whom to live out the rest of their days with, sound familiar?

What I question is the fact that 70 years later we continue to live as if the war is over. I’m not sure if you have noticed but there have been nonstop wars since then. Tony Blair and George Bush invaded Afghan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, 75% of my lifetime has been spent with war as the typical dinner conversation. Whether that be a war on drugs; race, religion, terror, money, oil, land, whatever you want to put it down to. Populations are being controlled through war, religion and “democracy”, governments using economics to create slaves, media to control, divide and spread fear into people. Elections used as a facade by the elite to control the masses, providing us with a sense of faith into those protecting you, doing right by you.

Yet here we are, living in a world where 99% of the population (that’s like 6,930,000,000 people) are controlled by the 1%. A world where 56 BILLION animals are slaughtered every single year, yet somehow 1 BILLION people are still living in extreme poverty, meaning they go hungry every day. I like to converse these topics more than anything else, it puts people on edge, people look at me like I’m insane, as if to say, but you don’t live in that world? You’re travelling, you’re working and seeing the world, you don’t go hungry.

And that’s where the world has fucked up.

That’s the exact reason this modern society is falling apart. We all talk about the geniuses of this world, about the technologies of this world, to be thankful for the laptop I’m typing on and the advanced civilization we live in now. For that I am thankful, I am thankful that my parents provided a roof over my head, and fed me every day, I am grateful for the world I have been bought up in. A very intricately designed system, one that if you want to gain all the riches, all the bitches and live a life full of luxury you can very much do so.

But I am not blind, and if you’re reading this, neither are you

Just because we were born into a world where money exists it doesn’t give us the right to turn a blind eye. I have never gone a day without food, but there are one billion people each day that do. I have never had to experience living day to day with no electricity, but there are one billion human beings who feel the gruelling emotions of that every single day. These facts get repeated so often, we’ve become numb to it, and that is alone, is wrong.

The television, media, advertisements, music, have been telling me my whole life that to be successful I need masses of materialistic gains. I need to be good looking, own nice clothes and a fast car, a sexy body and the latest iPhone. Just fall in line, live your life because the world owes you a debt, the world owes you a life full of luxury, a life full of exploitation at the cost of others. But that’s not what I want anymore, that’s what society wants of me. That’s what the 1% want because they own the businesses that supply those goods, and if me paying into university, creating my own business, buying a huge house, and a beautiful wife deems me as successful, then whom am I successful to? The 99% or the 1%?

As Robert Nesta Marley said when asked “Are you a rich man, do you have a lot of possessions?” in which he replied ‘I don’t have that kind of richness, my richness is life’

Akon, a Senegalese entrepreneur who built himself from rags to riches through music has provided electricity to nearly 80 million Africans. Yet he has received hardly any recognition for his act of kindness. The media don’t want to publicise the brilliance of an African man who built his way up and is helping the people where the government are failing to do so. Instead they would rather plaster the papers with controversial headlines which will split and divide the people.

My point is, when you stop caring about the 99% you fall exactly where the 1% want you.
Ask yourself some questions, answer truthfully and act accordingly
What would I like to achieve in my life?
Am I helping myself to achieve my goals? – If the answer is no, act accordingly, be conscious of your goal, think about your goal, and work towards your goal.

If you have suddenly woken up and realised that your whole life you have been following what society wants of you, firstly I’d like to say, good morning. Now is the time to work on yourself, and I don’t want an excuse of ‘It’s too late’ because that’s exactly where the 1% want you! Xenophobia aka fear of the unknown is the fear and distrust of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. Don’t be that person scared of change. Some of the best experiences you’ve ever had in your life have been from going ‘Fuck it, I’m doing it!’ and guess what?! The best experiences you will have to come are from going ‘Fuck it, I’m doing it!’

I can hear some of you screaming at me through the screen, but you work! You live in the system!  At this point I’d like to settle you down and reiterate over the things that are flying around your brain with such rage you can’t concentrate on what I’m talking about. Yes I believe it’s possible to earn enough money to live comfortably, and yes there are a lot of people who do live happy lives within the system, structurally sound, ease of access to anything you need. If the modern society we live in today suits you, then perfect for you, pursue the system to your heart contents, do it with the best of your ability, and absolutely cherish every moment of it.

What I’m tired of hearing is that there is no other way; there’s no other way that you can possibly live. No possible way to help the 1 billion people that live on under $1.25 a day, no way can we change the governments opinion on bombing countries for their resources. No way can we stop the police shootings, or racism. No way can we as population of 7 billion people come together in hope for change. Studies suggest that 40% of the population are working a 40 hour week, and 9% of the population are working over 50 hours a week. That’s nearly 3.5 billion working class citizens like me and you, pretty good odds I’d say! But apparently we can’t help the 1 billion that live off of $1.25 a day. If we provided them with the adequate resources needed to sustain themselves, there would be no hunger. You haven’t got to try and save everyone, because that’s ludicrous, it’s a lovely thought, but right now, help in the small ways you can.

A frequent question I get asked is “All the governments are gone, what do we do?”

There is no right or wrong answer, there is no step to step guide on what to do when a revolution happens. I’m not implying we should abolish the system, but we also shouldn’t fear making changes. The world needs order and a system designed by the people for the people. Throughout our life we have been manipulated in the smallest of ways to fear change. Think about an ex-partner you wanted to break up with for so long but couldn’t because of your mind questioning the fear of what could happen, or the university you got accepted into but the sickening realization of leaving the only life you know of behind. Now think about all of the amazing things which have happened since stepping into those unknown realms. The new relationships with people you have made, or that amazing job you landed from attending that university. That’s how I imagine a revolution, at first there will be a few tears, a couple weeks of non-stop Netflix and chill BUT eventually we will be able to see past that and learn. We know the good and bad events that have taken place since the start of federal governments, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know that human beings aren’t just being, more often than not we can be kind. We know that we can work together, and that we have the resources and knowledge to do so.

So we start from the bottom. The education system. The only system that hasn’t changed in years. Technology has grown, our cities have grown, our houses have grown, yet our education system still remains a poor funded mocker. We teach our kids what is right and wrong, not an uneducated opinion, not a passage of text which the government deems applicable to their needs. We teach them about health; veganism, love, spirituality, nature. We teach them to create businesses that don’t exploit the poor and the vulnerable. How to live a more sustainable life. We teach them accordingly to their needs, not by a curriculum which one size fits all, and most importantly we make sure that the teachers, the people who are arming the next generation with knowledge are well informed, not miss-informed.

Listen to talks regarding education on YouTube from people like Ken Robinson or Prince Ea.

On to the next question “So what can I do to make a difference?”

Be conscious of where your money is going, if you want to support the people (us) we have to put the money back into us, shop locally, buy second hand, try not to put your money into multi bullion dollar companies who use offshore bank accounts to avoid paying tax. You wonder where all the money goes? Straight into the deep pockets of the wealthy never to be seen again.

Take note of what’s in your food, where it’s grown, and who has lost out because of you consuming this product. Look into things like veganism, if not for the thousands of health benefits a vegan diet has but for the activism side of it. Besides the Marijuana movement I can’t see a bigger trend right now. There’s a vegan why it’s trending! Because it’s a great choice of healthy living, spiritual connection and activism.
When I’m 70 years old I don’t want to be pushed around a mental home because I weight too much for my knees to handle, I want to be fit and healthy, we’ve got it into our minds that when you hit a certain age there will be someone there for you, that’s not always the case I’m afraid, and if your too bloody fat to get out of your chair you’re going to be in a spot of bother.

Again, be aware of your materialistic spending, I don’t feel as if I need to touch on this too much as it speaks for itself, but do some research into minimalism, or YouTube ‘The Minimalists’. Since minimalizing my life I feel a lot clearer, and that’ not just minimalizing physical items but things like applications on your phone or your unwanted friends on Facebook (Don’t get me started on Facebook, that’s another blog post altogether, which you can read here).

I’d like to talk a little about myself and how I applied these principals to my life

When I was 19 years old I was unhappy on in the inside because my life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. On the outside I had everything that society deemed as successful, a loving family, great friends, a good job, a nice home and I had recently become a single 19 year old! But it wasn’t enough for me, I was unhappy, unhappy that I was still in the same house I had always lived in, which meant the same town, and the same people. I was going out a lot throughout the week, drowning my sorrows by any means necessary with little recovery periods only to go out and do the same again the following week. My life had become a cycle of eat, sleep, work, party, repeat. Don’t get me wrong, it was glorious for a while, but it’s a vicious circle, and one I wanted out of.

So I saved some money, packed my bags and I left my home country in search of a better life. I sit here today typing on a laptop which isn’t mine, looking into my rather empty bank account, and admiring the one pair of jeans I do own, and I’m thankful. Thankful for the things I do have, such as lungs to breathe with, or the stories I’ve gained through my travel experiences. Over the past few years I’ve explored different continents; living with people from all over the world. I’ve stared in awe at countless sunrises and sunsets, clenched my toes between the soft white sand of many exotic beaches. I’ve glided through the Great-barrier Reef holding hands with a Loggerhead Turtle and skydived over long stretches of white sand with clear Blue Ocean. To spending weeks bush walking through New Zealand surviving on nothing but oats and rice. I purchased an illegal motorbike and drove from the south of Vietnam to the Chinese border in monsoon season. Through many different countries I’ve experienced many different foods, and many different cultures. I’ve slept under stars, on park benches and in 32 bed hostels, and I survived the snoring to tell the tale. The list of experiences I’ve done in the past few years could go on, but what my point is, I’m only 21 years old and I’ve learnt more about myself, and the core values of life through doing my own research, doing what I want to do in life and going against the grain.

I have no career as such, I just pick up work as and where I go, I have no mortgage, no car, very little personal belongings, yet I’ve never felt richer, happier in my whole life, and I still have those key three important things, food, shelter and family.

The last thing I want is this piece to come across in the wrong way, as a massive dig at the way we live now. I’m not stupid, I study history, I’m aware that civilizations in the past didn’t live in peace and harmony, I understand that there is a vast majority of people out there who are living good lives, and are happy with how things are, and that’s great. What we, as a human kind cannot do, if we want to keep reproducing and bringing children into this world, is bring them into a world of utter chaos and controlled democracy, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There are less destructive ways to live in this modern world, like anything they take some adjusting to, but once there I promise you will feel better with yourself and the world you are actively helping to shape.

It goes back to that Native American saying

“When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.”

If anybody would like any further explanations into my opinions, please do not hesitate to ask or email me, I would be very happy to discuss either through skype or email Also, if anybody would like to know where I source my educational needs from, send us a message and I’ll get you a list of some really interesting people over.

The Great Escape

It was only this time last Tuesday I was writing, and I quote ‘This is old hat to me now, or so I seem to keep telling myself” in regards to going out, drinking alcohol and throwing up in the back of a cab. Well… I have good news, this time round I managed to make it to the toilet!

Saturday morning, the aftermath of a night filled with lots of sexy dancing to some damn sexy dance hall beats. The only thoughts that my head could process were ‘Ouch, my head’ ‘Ouch, my eyes’ and Avocado… lots of Avocado. But, instead of lying around the house feeling sorry for my self inflicted state, me and a few friends decided to stand up, get dressed and hit up an indoor bouldering session.

To be completely honest, the last thing I wanted to do at that moment in time was go and throw myself up a vertical wall! However, once I’d eaten some food, got myself in the gear and to the venue, I was ready for it. Once on the walls the competitive nature came out of me and I was testing my strength and agility to the max. With the brain in full concentration mode and the forearms in beast mode I completely forgot that merely hours ago I was perishing away.

Bouldering is awesome, if you’ve never been, please go and check it out! It’s like a big work out on the body and mind. Lots of self improvement by completing routes you’ve failed on time after time, the competitive nature between you and a few friends to see who can get up the hardest route. At the same time there is an immense level of concentration and focus which keeps you living in the present, so it’s also a great form of meditation, breathing and living.

The following day the sun came out, there were clouds in the sky but overall it was a day to be fully exploited, so that’s exactly what one did, or three did. Me and a few friends packed a lunch, jumped in the car and drove North-west of Melbourne to a place called Macedon Ranges. There are a number of walks, view points and climbs you can do at the Ranges, and the first one on our list was ‘Hanging Rock’ mainly because we were hungry, and we thought it’d be a great idea to munch some lunch overlooking the beautiful flat farm lands of Victoria.


It’s nice that only an hour from the city you can escape to woodlands, creeks, ranges or mountains and have a sense of isolation, freedom and connection to the Earth. As we trundled through the forest floors we spoke openly and freely about current affairs, the despair of the modern world, how people automatically give up and fall in line because the task seems to monumental. Because the truth will force them change their lives too much, so instead of acting and taking a step up, you take a step down, bow down and fall in line, just like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. But that’s another blog post all together (Which I am working on, slowly but surely).


We raced through the woods as the day was closing in, twisting and turning to avoid the ankle breaking terrain, heading for the summit of Mt Macedon to light one up just in time for sunset. We made it with ample time to spare and met two lovely doggies, one Cocker-Spaniel who was identical to my doggy back home, and a huge Great Dane, both of whom had great seats for the sunset.

We placed ourselves on a rock overhanging the mountain and stared at the awe-inspiring sunset, it’s the stuff dreams are made of. Well, It’s certainly the stuff my dreams are made of. Days likes this remind me of why I’m travelling, and why so many people like myself are finding their riches in a world of beauty and memories rather than cars and money, houses and suits. As the sun drops behind the horizon the feeling of pure presence consumes my body as my legs dangle from what feels like the edge of the world. All else is forgotten about.


As the light to my Sunday is fading away, on the other side of the world someone is cherishing their darkness turning to light.

Thank you for friends, family, love, the opportunity to do what I’m doing and to you, for reading, I hope you have a lovely day 🙂